OIBI holds interfaith Abrahamic peace vigil for Ukraine with Georgian and South African faith leaders

This peace vigil features a service from the Baptist Peace Cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia, with contributions from the following faith leaders:

  • BISHOP MALKHAZ SONGULASVILLI from the Baptist Peace Cathedral in Tiblisi, Georgia
  • RABBI JULIA MARGOLIS from the progressive Beit Luria Synagogue in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • IMAM DR TAJ HARGEY from the Oxford Institute for British Islam in Oxford, United Kingdom

Eminent law professor cleared of Islamophobia joins OIBI

OIBI press release - 18 January 2022

Steven Greer BA (Oxon), MSc, PhD FRSA FAcSS, Professor of Human Rights at the University of Bristol Law School, has been appointed the first Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for British Islam (OIBI).

Professor Steven Greer

Professor Greer is an internationally-renowned human rights expert who has taught, and delivered numerous papers, throughout the UK and abroad, including in China, Palestine, Malaysia, at Harvard Law School and at other major US universities. Amongst these other achievements, he has worked with a wide range of organisations around the world, including several Muslim and Arab institutions. He has also published widely, particularly in the fields of criminal justice, human rights, and law and counterterrorism.

Two of his books have been short-listed for prestigious prizes. His most recent, Tackling Terrorism in Britain: Threats, Responses, and Challenges Twenty Years After 9/11 was published by Routledge last year. In July 2021, Professor Greer was unreservedly cleared of spurious allegations of Islamophobia in his teaching and other public output by a formal University of Bristol inquiry. These unfounded charges had been brought by the University of Bristol Islamic Society.

Dr Taj Hargey, Provost of OIBI, said: “The OIBI is an independent Muslim public policy think tank and research institute promoting fresh inquiry, bold rationalism and creative solutions for contemporary British Muslims in a lively cosmopolitan and novel inter-faith environment. As an autonomous research and educational charity, it seeks to be at the forefront of pioneering study and scholastic output for the diverse British Muslim community and actively encourages the participation of those from all faiths and none. We are delighted, therefore, to host Professor Greer as OIBI’s first Visiting Research Fellow and greatly look forward to working with him in devising and facilitating an exciting research programme relating to Islam in Britain.”

Professor Greer commented: “It is an undoubted honour and huge privilege to be the first Visiting Research Fellow at the OIBI, an imaginative new academic institute which fills an undeniable gap in the existing research, scholarly and campaigning landscape within British Islam. As a non-Muslim, I look forward to the opportunity this presents to contribute to a better understanding and inter-relationship between Muslims and others in the UK and beyond.”

OIBI Provost Dr Taj Hargey interviewed on GB News by Nigel Farage

This interview, that took place in the wake of the killing of David Amess MP, addresses contemporary Islam in Britain, liberal reforms in Islam, and the dangers faced by the UK and indeed the global community, from an out-of-control radical and violent Islam practiced by some that ought to be opposed.