Oxford Institute for British Islam publishes its pioneering Qur’an-centric research and original scholarly analyses on the burning topics and major matters facing the contemporary British Muslim community. These substantive submissions are concise, cogent, and compelling, in order to clarify pressing present-day religio-social issues on an exclusively scriptural basis, without reliance upon manufactured latter-day interpolations and medieval misinterpretations.

Miscellaneous subjects requiring convincing Qur’anic perspectives and authentic Islamic analyses include, but are not limited to the following pivotal questions (in no particular order):

  1. Apostasy
  2. Blasphemy
  3. Heresy, takfir, and ex-communication
  4. Freedom of speech
  5. Religious liberty
  6. Gender parity
  7. Hijab, niqab, and burqah
  8. Honour killings
  9. Female genital mutilation
  10. Beards and facial hair
  11. Eastern garb and attire
  12. Child marriage
  13. Temporary marriage
  14. Interfaith marriage
  15. Instant divorce
  16. Custody of children
  17. Female discrimination and sexist chauvinism
  18. Social intermingling
  19. Halal food
  20. Racism, xenophobia, and bigotry
  21. Alcohol, intoxicants, and drugs
  22. Hadith (alleged prophetic sayings)
  23. Sunnah (reputed prophetic practices)
  24. Shari’ah (medieval theological opinion)
  25. Ijtihad (critical, independent reasoning)
  26. Mahram (tribal male guardianship)
  27. Integration vs assimilation
  28. Homosexuality and same-sex relations
  29. Gender self-identity
  30. Polygamy and polygyny
  31. Concubinage
  32. Wife-beating and domestic violence
  33. Misogyny and sexism
  34. Music and song
  35. Art and sculpture
  36. Literalism vs metaphor in the Qur’an
  37. Taqiyah and kitman (dissimulation)
  38. Violent jihad and bloody terrorism
  39. ‘Sword’ verses and other ‘problematic’ passages
  40. Jizyah (poll taxes and tributary levies)
  41. Universal Qur’an values and perennial ethics
  42. Theologial self-empowerment and religious literacy
  43. Human rights and democracy
  44. Capital punishment
  45. Interfaith cooperation and trans-communal harmony
  46. Free will and predestination
  47. Stoning to death
  48. Orthodoxy and heterodoxy, sunni vs shi’ah sectarianism
  49. Interest and usury
  50. Economic systems (capitalism, communism, Marxism, socialism, etc.)
  51. Assisted dying and euthanasia
  52. IVF and artificial insemination

New and pertinent topics will be added here, on a regular basis, to this evolving list of original and objective research studies to be undertaken by OIBI academics and scholars.