The 5 Ds

Our approach to the study of the Qur’an:


Weekly online Qur’an study seminars

Every Tuesday 7pm – 9pm London, UK time

Weekly analytical discussions, critical dissection, and objective scrutiny of Islam’s transcendent text with the purpose of enhancing genuine and fearless Muslim theological self-empowerment. This seminar is conducted in association with The Open Mosque in Cape Town. The Holy Qur’an is subjected to challenging forensic examination and pioneering contextualised interpretations with particular reference to its understanding for both the initial 7th century recipients, as well as the future intended audience of the Islamic sacred scripture, in the 21st century and beyond.

To fully comprehend the original revelations accurately, multiple and variant translations of the Holy Qur’an are uniquely utilised. These renditions embrace the entire spectrum of orthodox and heterodox Islamic theology, embracing populist, sectarian, as well as chronological perspectives. Bold, free-flowing textual explorations are the hallmarks of these rigorous academic seminars. Detailed customised notes are furnished to facilitate structured discussion, dissent, and debate.

These weekly seminars are held at OIBI’s premises and are also live-streamed for worldwide participants. No prior knowledge of Islam or Arabic is required. There is no charge for these classes.

Everyone is welcome. For further information and enrolment details, kindly email:

Monthly in-person Qur’an study seminars

These monthly seminars are identical in purpose to the weekly seminars described above. They held at OIBI’s premises and are also live-streamed for worldwide participants.

Please RSVP by email to

Upcoming seminar dates

None scheduled at the moment.

Seminar programme

  • 1pm – Arrival and greeting
  • 1:30pm – Light lunch served (other food also available in shops, cafes, restaurants close by)
  • 2:30pm – Seminar
  • 3:45pm – Break for tea/coffee/dessert
  • 4pm – Q&A and informal discussions
  • 4:45pm – Maghrib / ‘Isha prayers (optional)
  • 5pm – Finish

All times are given in London, UK time.

Attendees are invited to bring their preferred copies of the Qur’an, so multiple versions/translations can be compared during the seminar, as the various selected verses are studied.

The seminars, as well as the discussion portions of the days, will be live-streamed on Zoom as well as recorded for future reference.